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2019 Nike Air Max 97 Milky White With Two Swoosh

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    September 6
    Air Max 97 is called Nike's evergreen shoes. It has been loved by many sneaker players for many

    years, and the rise of the retro trend in the past two years has made this shoe attract

    attention. Recently, a new pair of color Nike Air Max 97 Milky White is coming soon. The Nike Air Max

    97 is a milky white design that is more textured than the pure white color that was previously

    introduced. The biggest highlight is the overlapping Swoosh design on the side of the shoe. The

    light blue classic embroidery is embellished with a larger dark blue Swoosh. The novelty design

    is particularly conspicuous in solid color shoes.

    2019 Mens Jordans shines in the trend with its

    retro look and aggressive avant-garde technology. The popular Air Max Plus was also launched in

    the same year, with Air Max Plus 3 returning soon and a new color scheme officially released. The

    upper is made of fabric + leather + TPU frame, and the design uses a lot of horizontal lines to

    create a super sense of technology and speed. This color scheme is partially orange-grey, with a

    yellow line on the heel, creating a technological and psychedelic steam wave style. Although

    named Air Max, the Air Max Plus series is powered by Turned Air technology. This upgraded air

    cushion technology adds a hemispherical support design to the AIr Max and is unique in its shape.

    If you want to try the foot of this technology, the Air Max Plus 3 is a better choice than the

    original shoe type with the air cushion.

    Jordans 2019 Shoes,Since the Travis Scott x Air

    Force 1 joint name, the replacement Swoosh Logo has become a new shoe game. Recently, 3 pairs of

    new hook series Air Force 1 have just been released. The uppers are available in black, white and

    yellow, and each pair comes with 3 replaceable Swoosh Logos. The well-known sneaker shop owner

    gc911 brought us a set of physical details of the Air Force 1. Nike Air Force 1 Low Removable

    Swoosh Pack's Swoosh Logo is the most special, it is a laser flower ornament, which is very eye-

    catching on the upper. In addition, the white model is the denim Swoosh Logo; the black model is

    the gold and silver glossy.

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